You’re working too hard.

Why don’t you grab a coffee and read some animal stuff. You never know, it might come up in a quiz or something.

You can also have a laugh at my drawings.

So when can I see new stuff? 

Tuesdays and Thursdays, to help you through the working week. I post just before 10am in the UK, so time for a caffeine boost!

Meh, what else have you got?

Here are some projects “on ice” (read: shamefully neglected), so if you’re a Disney fan, amateur astronomer, or wolf or travel fan, these might pique your interest.

I guess I should ask who you are…

I’m just another lapsed writer in her thirties who drinks too much coffee and owns a cat. I live with my wonderful boyfriend in Oxfordshire, England, and I speak French and Italian when the mood takes me (and my accent behaves).


Featured image credit: Mine! Taken at Johannesburg Zoo in 2017. Feel free to use, but please link back to me so we can share the love.