Xantic Sargo

It might sound like a make of car, but it’s actually a fish. It does have a cool racing stripe …

Sei Whale

Clocking 48kmh (30mph) or more is pretty impressive for the ninth largest living animal, and handy if some orcas come …

Immortal Jellyfish

Another potential supervillain either squandering its power or slowly building its empire. But unlike the others, it has its own …

Goblin Shark

My last two posts have had a bit too much sexy talk, so here’s the goblin shark to put an …

Abyssal Spiderfish

This Dalí-painting escapee lives up to 5.4 km* (3 miles) under the ocean in the abyssal zone, where it’s pitch …


The critically endangered vaquita looks like it’s smiling. It’s really not.


The oarfish was definitely named after the wrong kind of “oar”.


Everything eats the narwhal. It’s the apple of the Arctic sea!

Devil Fish

No, the devil fish’s eyes aren’t comically popping out, they’re just fins.