animal facts

King Cheetah

I’m cheating a bit here (pun seriously not intended) because it’s no longer considered a sub-species, but the king cheetah …

Japanese marten, martes melampus

Japanese Marten

This fluffy little tree-dweller can change its diet, its coat, and even its due date when needed, so it’s no …

Goblin Shark

My last two posts have had a bit too much sexy talk, so here’s the goblin shark to put an …


One look at a caracal reminds me why the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. With its tall serifed ears, dusky fur, …

Tibetan Fox

Why should the Tibetan fox waste energy? It’s already on top of the world!


Everything eats the narwhal. It’s the apple of the Arctic sea!


The kudu antelope feels too hot and fabulous to fight.


Being mysterious and weird-looking has its perks. Just ask the jaguarundi.

Devil Fish

No, the devil fish’s eyes aren’t comically popping out, they’re just fins.


The bandicoot is cute and eats deadly spiders. Why do we destroy it??