If you’ll pardon the February-June hiatus, this blog has been chugging along for 730 days.


So what can you learn from 2 years of blogging?

Your favourite posts won’t always be the most popular.

I loved researching the Greenland shark.

Photo by Hemming1952.

It’s such an ancient, alien creature, and dipping into its first discovery was fascinating. But apparently, only to me! As of today it doesn’t even nudge the top 20 most viewed.

On the other hand, my Espresso recap from March-June 2019 sits at 9 Likes – probably riding from the previous popular Birthday post – and the Lightning Bird/Impundulu/Inyoni Yezulu at 1,908 views (whoa there, Nelly!). Most likely due to Kenya Marshall’s amazing electrified rooster.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy writing them, only that they weren’t what I expected to top the list. Speaking of unexpected,

You’ll experiment with different styles.

Instead of the straight up info posts, I tried a couple of POV or “lifestyle” versions like the Juan Fernández fur seal dating tips or the hummingbird hawk moth recipe.

Photo by OmaUte.

They might not have always worked, but they were fun to write. Gathering the facts, on the other hand? Not always as much.

Prepare for curveballs in your research

I naively marched into the faint-banded sea snake expecting an open and shut case of “most venomous snake ever”. Instead, I got contradictory accounts, hearsay, mis-labelled photos (again), and more maths and science than my poor language brain could handle. But I discovered oodles more facts…

…as well as awesome stories!

The one about old oryx Napoleon was my favourite, and I’d never have come across it otherwise.

Photo by Matt Tillett.

It goes as follows:

An old scimitar-horned oryx lost his crown in the herd, and kept picking fights to get it back. When the wildlife sanctuary staff realised he just wanted authority, not violence or lots of mates, they sent their president into his pen every day to “fight” him and pretend he won.

From then on, Napoleon was “king” of his pen and didn’t cause trouble anymore. Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics.

Most importantly, blogging should be fun.

I remember a time when posting regularly and at the same time was do or die. But many popular bloggers and writers don’t work that way.

It became pressure rather than pleasure for me, and who needs more of that, especially in times like these?

If you have more fun writing it, hopefully people will have more fun reading it. So do whatever you need to have more fun, whether that means ditching the drawings, alphabet order, or rigid schedule. Or all three.

Thanks again to my 58 WordPress and 34 Facebook followers!

Featured image credit: ID 83827838 © Marek Uliasz | Dreamstime.com