We’re teeming with salmon, lush grass, juicy berries, and absolutely no mainland grizzlies. The world’s biggest land predator* deserves no less.

Don’t believe us? We’ll fight you over it! But first…

Delicious bear bites

…feel your teeth slicing into the plump, fresh flesh of a salmon – or six! There’ll be so many you won’t know where to begin. Gorge yourself silly till sunset, snarf down some spicy green-scented grass, or pop wild berries clanging with flavour. It’s a Kodiak Kornucopia, and everyone’s invited! **

Dinner date?

Single sows! Swish your lion-like manes and come on down – we’ve got plenty of boars (the good kind!)!

drawing of female kodiak bear

We’re sure they’ll fancy you too.

You never know, you could meet a huggable hunk at the salmon run, and not worry about the consequences till winter!

Take some well-earned R and R…

It’s hard work piling on hundreds of pounds in months. That’s why we’ve got comfy caves a-plenty. Snooze away 8 months of horrible weather (or more if you’re a family!), and wake up nice and refreshed. Not only that, our Bear Weight Loss Plan sees new mums 30% lighter in spring, ready for another year of decadence!

…or go off the (b)eaten track

Boars! You already got the sows’ hearts racing, so let them rest at 8-10 beats per minute while you explore the more “chilled” face of the island. Think there’s nothing to do in winter? Think again, and sample some delicious, locally-introduced Sitka black-tailed deer!

A spot of wildlife?

If you’re lucky, you might spot the odd human. These funny-looking creatures stand on two legs, just like you can! You can even chase them until they curl into a ball protecting their head, neck and stomach, at which point they’re clearly dead and not worth bothering with.

If you can’t get enough of the thrill of the hunt, and someone else’s cubs just don’t cut it, hang about between April and May. Humans will come at you with an exploding stick, in what will doubtless be a completely fair fight.

So why choose Kodiak?

Over 3,000 square miles were set aside, just for you, in 1941.

Our extensive menus are waiting to slather your tastebuds and bulk up your stomach, so you can sleep and escape all the trials and tribulations of a northern winter. Even gain a cute little family, ladies! What’s more, you can do all this without leaving the island.

There’s plenty to go round. So where’s your fair share?

Grab your own square mile of Kodiak Island!




*Polar bears are technically marine mammals, so it counts.
**We regret that we’re unable offer insurance for cubs under 3 or adults under 5.


Latin: Ursus arctos middendorffi

What? Biggest subspecies of the brown bear (grizzlies are another), and level pegging with polar bears for the biggest land predator

Where? Only on the Kodiak Archipelago, southern Alaska

How big? 3 metres/ 9 feet long, with males larger than females. A big male can loom about the same standing up!

Endangered? Nope, the brown bear is considered Least Concern, and the Kodiak bear is about 3,500 strong and increasing. Wouldn’t you, if there was plenty of food around?

Probable motto: I may be big, but thanks to all the food, I’m rarely bad.

They look awesome. Do they need my help at all?

I was genuinely surprised that neither the brown bear nor the Kodiak are considered endangered, but they’re still under threat from habitat loss, and climate change can play havoc with their food sources.

You can adopt a brown bear with the WWF, and the Kodiak Brown Bear Trust and Brown Bear Conservation are trying to mitigate the effects of human development and habitat loss through local communities and businesses.

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